A video of the People's Camp. May 2008.
Mohamed Harkat under house arrest, Nick Spicer, Al Jazeera (on youtube). June 2008.
Info-mercial for "The Other Arars" with a clip of
Adil speaking about deportation to torture. (french)
Secret Canada by Lillian Boctor; interviews with Sophie Harkat, Mona El Fouli and Adil Charkaoui. Click Here.
Certificat de culpabilité (guilt certificate)
Alexandre Kozminski, réalisateur/producteur, 2004
7min 29 s. (french, english versions available)
Zone Libre inquiry into Adil Charkaoui case
Radio-Canada television, 1 April 2005 (french)
Clip 1; Clip 2; Clip 3; Clip 4.

Whose Rights Anyway ? Justice for Mohamed
A film about Mohamed Harkat by Anice Wong, National Film Board of Canada. Commander.
Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the War on Terror, by Rebecca Lichtenfeld
The US government-sponsored program of renditions is an unlawful practice in which numerous persons have been illegally detained and secretly flown to third countries, where they have suffered additional human rights abuses including torture and enforced disappearance.
People's Commission testimonies. Selection of five witnesses. Family members of security certificate detainees as well as other people affected by immigration security measures tell their stories at the hearings of the People's Commission (2006). French and english. Order film:
Sécurité pour l’un ; torture pour l’autre de Elsa Lambert.
[Canada • 2005 • 11 min. • doc. • v.o. français]
Un court métrage qui porte une réflexion sur l’équilibre entre les droits de la personne et la sécurité publique, sur les conséquences pour nous, citoyens du Canada, et plus particulièrement pour les musulmans qui se trouvent au premier rang de cette guerre contre le terrorisme.