Major Court Victories

20 February 2009, Federal Court strikes down most conditions imposed on Charkaoui

Federal Court decision removes almost all the conditions that had suffocated the Charkaoui family since Adil's liberation from prison on 18 February 2005. 

27 June 2008, Supreme Court on illegal CSIS practices (Charkaoui II)

The Supreme Court of Canada handed Charkaoui a second victory : "We have concluded that Mr. Charkaoui's appeal succeeds. In our view, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is bound to disclose to the ministers responsible all information in its possession regarding the person named in a security certificate," (2) wrote the nine judges in a unanimous decision.

23 February 2007, Supreme Court on the constitutionality of security certificates (Charkaoui I)

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court released a decision declaring security certificates unconstitutional, thus striking down articles 33 and 77 to 85 of the Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act, the entire section establishing the security certificate process.